How to obtain true beauty and hold on to it in the new year

After all the stress, tension and boozy nights of the holiday season, can we still be expected to start the New Year in one piece – let alone looking drop-dead gorgeous? In reality, we flop into our party dress, put on a smile, knock back a stiff drink or two and roll into an out-of-sync rendition of ‘Auld Lang syne’. Okay, maybe it’s a slight over-exaggeration, but all these festivities are exhausting.

By taking a step back, you can cultivate a ‘slow beauty’ practice to achieve dramatic results. When we step off the festive treadmill into the New Year, we can start by focusing our attention on nurturing ourselves and building a mindful beauty practice. After all, when we feel good that’s when we radiate true beauty.

Here are six slow beauty steps to kickstart the new year.

1. Practice rituals

We could all take beauty tips from the Ancients who worshipped rituals, performing daily practices of self-love and reverence for life. And with our minds, bodies and spirits overloaded from the demands of modern living, rituals help us slow down and focus on ourselves, providing feelings of calmness and content.

Whichever type of ritual you choose to practice, whether it be a mindful meditation when you wake or lighting a candle and drawing a fragrant bath after work, don’t underestimate these restful respites, they can be extremely beautifying and healing, causing regeneration on a cellular level.

2. Treat yourself to a slow-fix

Beauty isn’t about being stuck on a conveyor belt of quick-fixes and pre-packaged wonder creams. If it took ten years for those fine lines to appear, then they are not going to disappear overnight. Slow, subtle fixes can improve our look in the long run; some non-invasive laser treatment and chemical peels for skin rejuvenation. Or if you want to improve your smile, try some Lingual Braces for an inconspicuous fix. These type of treatments offer slow improvements to our appearance and a less aggressive solution to going under the knife.

3. Indulge in kinder skincare

The beauty industry has been churning out products full of harmful synthetic chemicals which fail to nourish our skin. But, we are beginning to realise that these products do more harm than good, causing longterm damage to our cells. There are many skincare products available which are kinder on the skin, while doing a good job at keeping the skin looking vibrant and healthy.

Check out natural and organic skin care and cosmetic range Essential Care’s products, which are free of chemical contaminants. There’s also a handy consumer-review resource called which gives unbiased information on chemical-free beauty products.

4. Savour and sip your food experience

The slow food movement is quickly overtaking the fast food movement, which has wreaked havoc on our bodies for far too long. We are starting to enjoy better quality food which has been produced in its natural state.

Eating and drinking is a ritual in itself and should be enjoyed in a relaxed state, rather than on the run. Our ancestors consumed six pounds of dark green leafy vegetables a day, so tucking into a salad and a green juice every day would be a satisfying start to the new year.

5. Treat yourself alternatively

Alternative healing therapies are beginning to be accepted by conventional medicine as a way to treat certain conditions. Tuning in to the breath and therapies such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and acupuncture, have been shown to help relieve hypertension and stress, while treating certain conditions such as depression and anxiety.

After all that giving over the festive season, gifting yourself a healing massage with aromatherapy oils will be the perfect way to start your new year beauty regime.

6. Slow down

Slower forms of exercise are now being considered a smarter way to achieve fitness. Slow, careful movements cause the muscles to become fully fatigued, without putting strain on the body. Try a Tai Chi, yoga or Qi Gong class, or switch to weight training at the gym, you’ll get all the benefits of a hearty jog, without causing injury to your knees.

And lastly, find time to daydream, read a book and get lots of rest. That age-old adage is true, we all need our beauty sleep.

About the Author: Megan McAuliffe is a writer, journalist and blogger writing for ethical companies such as London Lingual Orthodontics Clinic on issues she cares about such as health and creating sustainable lifestyles.You can find her on Twitter @MeganEditorial

Image Source: Fabrice Florin