How to Market to Generation X Buyers

Gen Xers, born between 1965 to 1976, are growing in market influence as they age into the period where they are buying homes and starting families.

If you sell products that are appealing to the X Generation, you need to target your marketing to speak to them and their issues.


Gen Xers are:

  • Self-oriented
  • Tech-savvy
  • Independent
  • Skeptical
  • Well educated
  • Financially driven
  • Looking for a bargain

Gen Xers are buying:

  • Home improvement equipment and materials
  • Lawn and garden materials
  • Furnishings
  • Childrens goods
  • Sports and leisure items

You can find them:

On the Internet!

Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2008, 88% of 83.4 million U.S. Gen Xers use the Internet. Generation X is the most likely group to bank, shop, and look for health information online. Forrester Research, 2008, reported that Gen Xers spent at least 8 hours of personal time online per week.

Marketing Tips and Strategies

Gen Xers actually read their snail mail! One of the reasons they look at the mail is to find coupons. Using a coupon strategy can make a big difference with this group. And, you can begin to draw Gen Xers away from the traditional mail venue by creating emails that attract and entice Gen Xers by explaining the additional value your products offer.

Gen Xers are skeptical of what they see as pervasive advertising and are interested in being convinced of the value of a product. Focus some of your outreach on explaining why your product is the best buy and providing evidence to support your claim. Or, if your product sells at a premium price, spend the time to convince the Gen Xer that any additional money they spend is more than made up for by quality.

These are especially potent arguments when selling home maintenance, sporting goods and other furnishings and equipment that can be seen as long term investments.

Warranties or money back guarantees go a long way with this group. Also, be sure that your customer service information is prominently displayed.

Many consumers need a reason to buy, especially Gen Xers who are normally skeptical. Your offer should provide some benefit to the buyer as well as provide some level of comfort in moving forward with a purchase. This can be in the form of a satisfaction guarantee or something similar.

Speak to their issues in your marketing so the Gen X prospective buyer can identify with your product. For example, if you sell portable DVD players, point out how helpful it is to have a portable player to occupy the children while you stop by Mom’s and see how she is doing, drop the dog off at the groomer, and try to get in a round of circuit training at the gym.

Humor works well with this group. Gen Xers are more laid back and do not take themselves as seriously.

Play to the Gen Xers need for ‘me’ time. If your product is a timesaver, it fits perfectly. If it supports leisure time, same thing.

Gen Xers are a major force these days, it pays to fine tune your marketing to speak directly to them.

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