How To Keep Your Garage Warm And Dry In Winter

It’s that time of year at the moment where you have to turn the heating right up and wrap up warm. You might have already taken measures to keep your plumbing working and had your boiler serviced – but what about your garage?

People keep lots of important and often expensive stuff in the garage; not least their bikes and cars etc. So why wouldn’t you also take some time to ensure that your garage is secure too?

Here are 5 ways you can ensure your garage and it’s contents are safe whatever the weather may throw at them:

Step 1: Perimeter Checks

It’s probably fine, but you just don’t know until you check. Start by looking around your garage, both inside and out, especially behind any white goods and storage boxes.

In particular it is a good idea to look for any gaps and fill any holes where rain water could get in. If you happen to find a leak in your garage, you may want to contact you local construction repair company. Many of these company’s like, Chase Construction North West, offer free estimates and will come to your home.

Step 2: Check The Door

It goes without saying of course, if your garage doors are not secure it doesn’t matter what else you do to protect the inside. So the next step is to check that your door is in good working order.

Make sure to repair any holes in the door, ensure it closes correctly and clear out the drains so that water doesn’t run under the door.

Step 3: Electrical Items

Once you are done securing the building, it is time to think about the contents.

First of all, electronics – It is your electronic equipment that is most vulnerable to the cold, so anything valuable is best brought inside the house if you can. Anything you don’t have room for, try wrapping in old blankets or materials like garden fleece and keeping above the floor.

Step 4: Drinks And Liquids

Next we need to make sure there is nothing in the garage that can cause any damage. In particular fizzy drinks can explode and cause a mess if allowed to freeze.

Keep an eye on the temperature and if it gets really cold be ready to bring these items inside the house – you might regret not doing so, the morning you walk in and find Coke all over the floor!

And Finally…

Keeping the contents of your garage safe is all about being vigilant and using common sense. Keep stuff off the floor and keep your garage as tidy as possible.

It is easy to put things off at this time of year, but making sure you sort out any problems now is well worth the effort. Devote some time to your garage now before the worst of the weather arrives and you won’t need to worry yourself when it does.