How to Remove a Stuck Ring from a Swollen Finger (Video)

If you have ever suffered from a swollen finger and winced with pain when you, or somebody else tried to remove a stuck ring from said finger, you might like to remember this fantastic ‘trick’ should you ever again be in the same situation.

All you need are a piece of elastic (in the video they use the elasticated strap from an oxygen mask) to wrap around/compress the finger, and tweezers to pull the elastic back through the ring and to help with the removal.

Simple and brilliant!

Credits from YouTube:

“A creative approach to removing a ring from a finger by Dr. Simon Carley ( at the Centre For Evidence Based Emergency Care (CEEC) at Manchester Metropolitan University. Thanks for letting me upload to YouTube. Video hosted at Academic Life in Emergency Medicine.

There are some caveats and warnings for this trick:

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