How to Choose a Speakers Bureau

How to Choose a Speakers BureauAll speakers bureaus are not created equally. While some speakers bureaus may look very good on paper (or online) the proof is in the pudding, so to speak, when you have concluded your event and you have very satisfied attendees as proof of success. Other speakers bureaus may not be quite so impressive online, but their customer service and attention to detail is so fine-tuned that you end up finding a speaker who is just perfect for the next event you are planning. Whether you decide to choose Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau or one of the many other speakers bureaus in the industry today, use these tips for how to choose a speakers bureau to help you identify the perfect partner to help you create a successful event.

What Kind of Customer Service Do They Offer?

One of the easiest ways to tell if you are working with a speakers bureau that has potential is if they respond to your inquiry right away, and are readily available via email or phone to answer your questions thereafter. While any successful speakers bureau will certainly be busy, you are a busy professional too, and you are trying to hire one of their speakers to perform a service for which they will receive a commission. So a responsive, proactive and enthusiastic customer service team is your first indication that the speakers bureau understands how important the success of your event is to you, and will work hard to find just the right speaker to keynote the event for you.

What is Their Fee Structure Like?

The next way to choose a speakers bureau is to examine their fee structure. It is always a good idea to get three or four quotes from different bureaus to compare and contrast them, especially if you are new to event planning and hiring keynote speakers. The most professional speakers bureaus will not nickel and dime their clients. Rather, they will set a fair price that is all-inclusive of common costs, and keep the price and the billing system simple. An easy, transparent, reasonable fee structure is a good indication that you have found the right speakers bureau to work with.

Do They Have the Right Type of Speaker for Your Event?

Finally, there is simply no substitute for a speakers bureau who has the right type of speaker to keynote your event. The best speakers bureau in the world will not be a good match if they represent entertainment speakers and you need a business keynote speaker. So before you get too deep into the process of forming a relationship with a speakers bureau, be sure to carefully review their recommended speakers and decide if any of those speakers are a potentially good match for your needs. If so, you can move to the next level and request videos, references, a resume, topics, and other items you will need to make your final selection. If not, you will want to move on to another bureau to save time.

About the Author: Janice Breckem is a professional event planner who has enjoyed many years working for herself planning events both large and small. She considers it a privilege and an honor when a client entrusts their important event to her company.