How to Create an Amazing Vintage Christmas Tree

How to Create an Amazing Vintage Christmas TreeIt seems that Christmas flew by in a matter of seconds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start considering next Christmas early.

Planning is the key to success, so don’t be afraid to plan ahead to make your Christmas a memorable one.

Speaking of planning, have you thought about your next Christmas tree design yet? If not, you should!

Here, we’re going to tell you exactly how you can create an amazing, vintage looking Christmas tree to give your home bundles of character throughout the festive season.

Spray Paint Your Tree

You can have an amazing vintage Christmas tree in just about any colour you like; traditional green, white, pink, or even gold. However, buying a brand new tree can be expensive, so it could be difficult to change your tree decoration every now and again. That’s why we thought we’d tell you how to spray paint your tree the colour of your choice!

  1. It’s best to spray paint your tree outside, as there will be a lot of fumes and they could be around for a good few days.
  2. Lay your tree pieces out on the floor and give them a good fluff out so you can cover as much as possible while spray painting.
  3. Arrange your tree on it’s pole or stand and then do a 360 around it to see if there are any large parts you missed. Leave to dry.
  4. Come back in a few days and re-check your tree. Did you miss any bits? Go over them again. Depending on how large your tree is, you’ll need to adjust the amount of spray paint you use and how long you leave it to dry.

Tip: Gold trees can look incredible when paired with decorations of all the colours of the rainbow.

Look on eBay

Check out eBay for some Christmas decoration bargains, and even to find some quirky and cute decorations that nobody else will have. You’d be surprised at how great ‘tacky’ ornaments can look when all thrown together!

Tell a Story

By using the random assortment of ornaments you’ve found, you can really help to tell a story of Christmas cheer in a vintage, fun way.

Use Tree Toppers

Instead of using a tree topper on top of the tree, gather together a collection of large, unique tree toppers and scatter them in different places all over the tree!

Buy or Make Different Textured Decorations

Lots of different textures will make your vintage tree look amazing. Look for baubles with plenty of beads attached to them, or make your own! Felt decorations look great too, and making them is a great activity to try with kids.

By simply thinking outside of the box and using your imagination, you can put together a vintage looking tree that is a wonder to look at. Your unique Christmas tree will get anybody who lays eyes on it into the festive spirit, so start stocking up on your decorations now to be prepared when the time comes!

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