Getting Started With CrossFit


CrossFit is an exercise regimen that is sweeping the nation, but it is still somewhat misunderstood. For some it can seem almost cult-like with the dedication that its followers exhibit. How do you get started and how do you know if it’s right for you? What is CrossFit? Crossfit bounced into … [Read More...]

Grab the New U2 Album ‘Songs of Innocence’ for FREE!

U2 Songs of Innocence

Everyone loves something for free. And while we have certain expectations of what those things might be, one wouldn't expect to be able to legally download the brand new U2 album without handing over some readies. But that's exactly what you can do today. I'm not joking! U2 have teamed up … [Read More...]

5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Photo Credit: eflon via cc

Anxiety is a perfectly natural human emotion. However, if you suffer from excessive worry and stress, you’ll know how difficult this can be to cope with. In the most serious cases, professional medical help may be needed, but if you’re looking for other ways to reduce your anxiety, take a look at … [Read More...]

Options and Solutions for Lighting Your Home


Light is central to our lives and can have a huge impact on our day-to-day mood. While we have little control over natural illumination, we can find artificial lighting solutions that make a huge difference to our homes. Poor quality lighting is often not noticeable at first, but it can lead to … [Read More...]

How Old is too Old for Football?

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People often ask the question ‘how old is too old for football?’. Let’s face it, the sport isn’t without its risks and, at the very highest level, it’s most certainly a young person’s game. However, if you feel as though time’s catching up with you and you’re worried that you’ll have to hang up your … [Read More...]

Tips for Hiring a Car in the UK and Europe

car hire

There are times in your life when hiring a car makes a lot of sense. You may be going to a wedding and don't want to roll up in the battered van you use for work, or you may be going on holiday and fancy exploring the area around your destination. Whatever the reason, before you find the ideal … [Read More...]

Does Your Child Need a Hobby? Here’s Some Great Collection Ideas you Might Like to Consider

Does Your Child Need a Hobby? Here's Some Great Collection Ideas you Might Like to Consider

Once your kids reach the age of about five, they’ll become a little difficult to handle using the techniques you tried when they were younger, and so it’s vital you find something constructive to occupy them. Some children like attending dance classes or becoming part of a theatre group, others … [Read More...]

Watch TV and Films Online and for Free with FilmOn


FilmOn is a website where you can watch a ton of live and on-demand TV shows and films from around the world for free. The site covers a wide range of subjects - sports, food & wine, news, sports, horror, lifestyle and music to name just a few. The service is heavily subsidised by ads, but … [Read More...]

How to Build a Fun Patio Deck for Relaxing and Entertaining

How to Create Your Own Decked Patio Area This Summer

Are you looking for a project to do this summer that is guaranteed to impress your friends and neighbours? If you are, a decked patio area could be the solution for you. It is within the capabilities of the average DIY enthusiast, takes only a few days depending on the complexity, and will … [Read More...]

Car Boot Sale Success Tips – Make Money Selling Your Old Stuff

Car Boot Sale

A car boot sale is the perfect place for getting rid of stuff and making extra cash. We do one every two to three years, and we always make at least £100 - £200 profit. (The only cost on the day is the pitch and food.) Which isn't bad for a few hours work, and it clears up a lot of space in … [Read More...]